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  1. terry

    I would hope with the Red Line coming though that the homeowners would be grand fathered in the tax breaks necessary for the current homes to be maintained by children and the elders who reside there.
    We want to live here but right now it seems that no one is putting out information, nor are we being supported by DPW and sanitation.
    We need things that can be done by the CITY to get things done beyond the few community members.
    Legal and support for the Associations to pursue each and every absent land lords to maintain their property through out the area on Edmonson Av, Arunah Av, Harlem Av, Rayner Av, Longwood St, Lanvale St, Mosher St, Winchester Av, Rosedale St, Ellicott Drive Lyttleton Rd and Franklintown Road.

    We need better council input. Tell us what we don’t know. Tell us the plans for the community. Tell us that our school will not close and be discontinued when the application for another liquor license was posted on the hoswald bakery building for a liquor license transfer from Wilkens (county/city line) to an inner ity location making it to be #7 of liquor store within 2 blocks of the school.

    Covenants for the residents and homeowners in this area are needed and needs to be enforced by housing. This need to happen as well to keep absent landlords at bay or at required standards in this community.

    Houses coming down will cause unwanted contractor and builders not meeting the code and forseeable hazards. VACANT TO VALUE NEED TO COME TO MY AREA IMMEDIATELY.

    solar paneling can help home owners. Possibly this area would be the model solar panerl area in the US since MD leads in many technologies.

    Hoping to live and retire in Baltimore….

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