In response to concerns about the current performance and route structure of the Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) core bus system, MTA has launched the Bus Network Improvement Project (BNIP).  This is an 8-month effort to gather input from MTA riders and the public and create a five-year plan to improve the bus network.  First changes to bus routes would be implemented in August 2014, less than one year away.

One key consideration in MTA’s process is lining up bus routes with riders, potential riders, job centers, and other destinations in order to serve the most riders in the most efficient way possible.  MTA will be holding five workshops from October 15 to 24 around their core service area to ask for input from riders, potential riders, and other stakeholders.  Workshops will be in Baltimore City and Anne Arundel and Baltimore Counties, all within the Baltimore Beltway.  MTA has also set up ways to offer input electronically through an interactive Mindmixer web site.

Since linking workers with job opportunities is a core purpose of both the MTA and the Opportunity Collaborative, the Opportunity Collaborative has assisted MTA with information on key job sector locations, and MTA will be working closely with the Opportunity Collaborative throughout this process.

>>More Info on MTA BNIP Process and Workshops

>>Go to MTA Mindmixer web site

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