The Collaborative awarded the first round of Demonstration Project Grants at a meeting of the consortium on November 7, 2012. The demonstration projects will be a series of innovative, small scale, replicable and finite programs designed to support the overall goals of the initiative.

Featured Grantee

Current Grants

Consider the Person Campaign

The Community Development Network of Maryland was awarded a grant of $63,750 to create a public relations campaign that would counter myths about housing choice voucher holders and increase the number of landlords willing to rent to them. More info at Read more

The Clean Water Schools & Communities Project

The Baltimore Community Foundation, with its partners Blue Water Baltimore, Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore and the Baltimore Office of Sustainability, was awarded $46,000 for community engagement around neighborhood runoff/litter issues impacting the Chesapeake Bay. These projects include school activities, combined school and community activities, and a storm drain mural project. Read more

Central Maryland Transportation Alliance Project

The Central Maryland Transportation Alliance, with its partner BWI Business Partnership, was awarded $50,000 to analyze and prioritize public transportation service in targeted employment centers by coordinating input from workforce development experts, employers, and employees in the area. Read more

Homewood Community Partners Initiative

Central Baltimore Partnership, with its partner Johns Hopkins University, was awarded $35,000 for specific portions of Homewood Community Partners Initiative implementation. Read more

Aberdeen Transit Oriented Development

The City of Aberdeen was awarded $10,500 to prepare zoning code amendments and develop review requirements for the Aberdeen Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Area. Read more

Green Housing/Grow Jobs Program

Anne Arundel County Partnership for Children Youth and Families with its partner Anne Arundel Community College (AACC) was awarded $57,856 for a workforce training and employment program for public housing residents working on weatherization projects. Read more